Risk managers

in large Asset Management companies

Quarisma Finance computes and gathers all risk indicators needed to comply with regulatory requirements (UCITS, AIFM, P/F form…) in standard reports. Risk managers can also create their own custom reports to communicate internally or to investors.

Because risk management is not just about studying static reports or calculating one global risk figure for the whole fund, Quarisma Finance allows risk managers to be proactive by understanding precisely where the risk is coming from.

Risk reporting easy as 1,2,3

Regulatory reporting

You can generate standard regulatory reports (UCITS, AIFM, P/F…), on demand (in one click) or by batch (without any click).

Data gateway

Create your own custom report or feed any of your existing reporting system with our risk analytics.

The Global Picture

With The Global Picture, a web based dashboard, see at a glance all your portfolios with their main risk indicators and their monthly, weekly, daily variations.

Excel add-in

We didn’t forget Excel users: Quarisma’s Excel add-in lets you build portfolios and run risk calculations directly from a spreadsheet without any additional development.

Proactive risk management


Quarisma Finance has the unique ability to compute Monte Carlo VaR and ex-ante volatility in a few seconds for any fund (even on a brand new portfolio).


Calculating a global risk figure for your portfolio is not enough to understand clearly where the risk is coming from and act accordingly. This is why Quarisma Finance offers the ability to compute the contribution to any risk indicator by position or by any aggregate (sector, maturity bucket, custom criteria…).


Quarisma Finance allows you to re-calculate any risk indicator after you change your allocation or add a new position (listed or OTC). Typically, this what-if feature is used by risk managers to be proactive and make allocation suggestions to fund managers.